Jourdan McDowell

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instagram: @barista.jourdan

instagram: @jourdan.mcdowell

onlyfans: baristajourdan

twitter: BaristaJourdan

tiktok: jourdan.mcdowell

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From: Puyallup, Washington

Beautiful Jourdan McDowell knows first hand what sports is

Delightful barista Jourdan McDowell

Meeting with Jourdan McDowell will not leave you indifferent

Brilliant bikini barista Jourdan McDowell

Long-haired beauty will delight her customers

Delightful barista Jourdan McDowell

Coffee from coffee girl Jourdan McDowell is the strongest of all

Delicious girl Jourdan McDowell

You will want summer holidays and you will definitely want coffee after visiting this beauty

Lovely barista Jourdan McDowell